Garage Door Springs

The springs are a very important part of your garage door. They are crucial when it comes to opening and shutting your door safely. Therefore, when they start to give out, they need to be replaced or you might find yourself with a garage door that doesn't work. Even worse, if you don't repair the springs, you might find yourself with a dangerous garage door. 

When to Repair the Springs

Springs are one of the most dangerous aspects of repairing a garage door. The springs are under extreme pressure, especially when closed. Therefore, they are quickly damaged. Springs wear out after about after five to eight years. Do not wait until there is an accident to call someone to replace the springs in your garage door. Get them fixed before anything happens. They need to be fixed after about five or six years, whether there has been a problem or not. Also, you can look at the cables that hold the springs. If  they are visually frayed or breaking, get them replaced.

Why Old Springs are Dangerous

When the springs wear out, the entire door can come crashing down with great force. This can result in very serious injury, even death. Another possible danger stems from the tightly strung springs break free and hit someone or something. Furthermore, if the springs were not installed correctly or are unbalanced, it can cause wear on a lot more than just the springs, such as the motor and cables. 

To Do it Yourself or Not?

It is never recommended to attempt to repair or replace the springs in your garage door by yourself. Always hire a professional such as Zook Garage Door Services. The dangers greatly outweigh the savings you'll get by doing the job yourself. However, if you hear the springs squeaking, it is safe for a DIY-er to apply liquid lubricant to them. 

Safety Cables and Springs

Remember to have safety cables installed to keep the springs more secure. The safety cables are extraordinarily important for extension springs. When the extension springs break, it will keep them under control. Another way to ensure that your garage's springs are especially safe is to enclose it with a metal tube. 

Garage springs require regular repair or it can lead to disastrous results. When you see the cables starting to give or you know that the cables haven't been replaced in about six years, it's time to get on the phone with a repairman.