Basic Maintenance: Taking Care Of Your Garage Door

Taking care of your garage door is a rather simple procedure. Neglecting your garage door, on the other hand, can cause significant damage and require extensive repair. So, wouldn't you rather take care of your garage door before you have a big problem? Here are some common things to do to keep your garage door in working order.

Lubricate Moving Parts

There are a number of moving parts on a garage door. If you notice squeaking, uneven movement, or shaking as the door goes up and down, you may need to add some more lubrication.

What lubrication should you use? You want to avoid any sticky or greasy lubricants because they can collect dirt and other debris, fouling the moving parts.

The parts you should lubricate and types of lubricants include:

  • Metal Rollers – these are the wheels that travel within the rails. Don't over-oil them! Just a drop of engine oil or non-silicon-based lubricant will do it
  • Chain – make sure that the chain is only lightly greased, using a lubricant that meets the manufacturer's specifications for your garage door
  • Springs – use a non-silicon based lubricant designed for garage door springs, tracks, and cables
  • Bearings – there are bearings in the garage door that facilitate movement; use engine oil or a non-silicon-based lubricant
  • Hinges – hinges often allow the garage door to bend when going up and can become dry and squeaky over time; use oil or non-silicon-based lubricant

Check Parts for Wear and Tear

Even the best-maintained doors can wear out over time. Some parts just become old and have to be replaced. Some common things to check for are:

  • Frayed cables – cables connect to springs to hold them tight. If a cable snaps, it can cause significant damage to anyone or anything around it
  • Tracks – leaves, debris, dirt, or even insects or other living things can become stuck in the tracks; clean tracks of any debris to keep the rollers running smoothly
  • Hinges – worn out hinges can break or become stuck, either of which keeps the door from operating properly
  • Screws and bolts – check all screws and bolts to make sure that they are tight

It is a good idea to check your garage door's parts every three months.

Test Door Functionality

There is more to a garage door than just opening and closing. There are also safety features meant to protect people, pets, and property. Doors are made to stop and go back up if they encounter an object. Also, if an object breaks the light barrier, the door should not continue to go down.

Test these safety features using an object placed in the path of the door. Make sure that the door rebounds and goes back up again if it encounters the test object. Also test the light barrier while the door is coming down. You can break the light barrier with anything that you can easily move into the path of the door.

If you follow these steps, you can keep your door operating with minimal repairs. Checking the safety features periodically will give you peace of mind. For more ideas on keeping your garage doors in good repair, contact a company like Door Doctor Inc.