Reasons To Consider Installing A Vinyl Garage Door

If it's time to replace your garage door, you have a few options to consider. Garage doors come in a variety of styles, and they are made from different materials such as wood, steel, and vinyl. Vinyl offers several advantages over other materials, and it is worth a close look. Here's why you might prefer a vinyl garage door.

Low Maintenance

If you like to spend your weekends traveling, shopping, or playing sports instead of working around the house, then you'll appreciate the very low maintenance requirements of a vinyl garage door. All you have to do is wash it every year or when it gets dirty. You never have to paint it or worry about peeling or chipped paint. It won't rust, and it's very hard to dent. The door won't need much in the way of repairs or upkeep.

Holds Color

While the color of your door may gradually fade a little bit over the years, for the most part, the door holds on to its original color very well. That's because color pigment is added to the vinyl as the door is manufactured. That means the door is a solid color all the way through. This not only helps the surface maintain its original appearance, it also helps hide scratches and scuff marks. Scratches are easily visible on wood and steel because they remove the top layer of color to reveal a different color underneath. This doesn't happen with vinyl. Since the same color is under the scratch, it's more difficult to see.

Available In Different Styles

A big advantage of vinyl garage doors is they come in different styles and colors. Since the doors are molded at the factory, the surfaces can be textured and shaped in various ways. You can buy a vinyl door that looks like it's made of wood with grain patterns on the surface. You will appreciate that if you love the look of a wood door, but hate the thought of all the maintenance it requires. You have the same options as other doors when it comes to windows and insulation, so you don't have to give up any useful features when you go with vinyl.

The only drawback to choosing a vinyl garage door is you may have to keep the same color door until you replace it. You can paint wood or steel any color whenever you want. If you think you'll want to change the color of your garage doors, be sure to check the warranty before you buy. While it's possible to paint vinyl if you use the right kind of paint, you may void your warranty if you do so. However, since many garage doors are white, you may install a white door and never have the desire to change the color.