3 Symptoms Of Failing Garage Door Springs

Even healthy garage door springs can make a good bit of noise when they're working properly, so sound alone is not a solid way to diagnose the health of your springs. The springs on the door are separate from the opener, so there are a few ways that you can test to see if you may have a problem with the springs themselves.

The Garage Door Doesn't Fully Open

If you press the button to open the garage door with your garage door opener and the door only opens a couple of inches before closing again, you may have a problem with your springs. To fully test this symptom, use the release to unhook the garage door from the door opener and manually try to open the door. If it is difficult or impossible to open the door, then the springs have a problem that needs attention.

The Garage Door Doesn't Stay Open

On some occasions, your door may already be open, but it doesn't seem to want to remain open. The door may seem to sag or even gradually roll down the tracks until gravity takes over and moves the door fully into the closed position. Try opening the door fully, if you're able to get it to that point, and then watch how the door responds. If possible, remove it from the garage door opener to get a fuller picture of how badly the door slips.

The Garage Door Doesn't Remain in the Mid-open Position

A final test is to open the door and hold it until it is midway open. Properly functioning garage doors can hold this position with no trouble at all. Failing garage door springs, however, will not allow the door to remain halfway open at all. This is a good test for owners to perform if the previous two tests are inconclusive or the garage door springs are only first showing signs that there may be trouble. Failing this test means that the springs need immediate replacement and that the door is not safe for anyone to be around.

If you suspect that you need help with garage door spring repair, contact a repair professional today who can help, by calling a business like America's Garage Doors LLC. He can perform further tests on the springs and determine which ones are specifically in need of repair or replacement. It's worth the testing time to ensure that your friends and family are safe when your garage door is in operation.