Is It Time To Replace Your Garage Door Opener Or Has Your Spring Gone Bad? A Simple Test To Tell The Difference

A faulty garage door opener and a worn or broken garage door spring can both produce very similar issues, such as a difficulty opening and closing the door smoothly. This can make it hard for many homeowners to tell whether it is time to replace their garage door opener or if they need to have a professional contractor come out and replace their spring. Thankfully, there is a simple test that you can perform to help distinguish between these two common issues so that you can take the appropriate steps to correct the problem. Best of all, you already have everything you need to complete the test so there is no need to invest in expensive supplies or tools.

Step 1: Pull The Emergency Release Cord

The very first thing you will need to do is to eliminate one of the possible causes of your garage door problems from the equation. This will allow you to clearly determine which issue is truly to blame for your current troubles.

Since it simply is not possible to operate your garage door safely without a functioning spring, you will need to eliminate your garage door opener from the equation. This can be done by pulling the emergency release cord so that you can regain manual control over your garage door.

If you are not familiar with the emergency release cord on your garage door opener, begin by looking for this cord directly under the motor of the unit. The cord should be red in color and will typically have a handle at the end for easy control. If the cord cannot be found in this location, it will be located near the top of your garage door once the door is in a closed position.

Step 2: Try To Open The Door

With the garage door opener out of the way, simply position yourself on the outside of the door, bend at the knees and attempt to lift the door a few feet off the ground. If the door is too heavy to lift, your spring is broken and will need to be replaced by a professional.

If you are able to open the door, pay attention to how the door reacts when you release it. If the door stays put in its current location, the problem is your garage door opener and you will need to replace this appliance as soon as possible. Manually operating your garage door in the meantime will allow you to avoid any further problems. However, if the door begins to slide back down to the ground, the problem is that your spring has become worn or damaged and will need to be repaired by a reputable garage door contractor.

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