Storing Your Rig At Home: How To Create Garage Space That Works

To be your own boss and freelance as a trucker, you need your own rig. Now that you have your own rig, it sits out in the rain and all kinds of unpleasant weather. If you want to continue storing your prized and hard-won truck on your own property, and keep it in excellent condition, you will need a massive garage and commercial garage doors, too.

Here are some ideas on how you can utilize the garage you currently have, but make it work with and for your rig:

Building Up Your Current Garage

Most standard garages have a ceiling height of about eight feet. Most tractor rigs are at least ten feet in height. Rather than tearing down your current garage and rebuilding from scratch, you can build your garage up with a few easy steps:

  1. Get a building permit that allows you to deconstruct and reconstruct your garage on your property
  2. Rent a dumpster
  3. Tear the roof and garage door frame off
  4. Know the dimensions of your tractor rig and plan to build up at least two feet above the very top of your rig to provide plenty of room
  5. Remove the garage door opener (if you have one), since you will need a commercial garage door opener after your new garage add-on is complete
  6. Hire a building contractor who can extend the height of your garage upwards 

You will also need a contractor who can install commercial garage doors. It is possible to hire a single contractor who can build up your garage and install a commercial garage door, but you will have to poke around your area to find someone that does both.

Building More Depth Into Your Current Garage

If you can barely get your car into your garage now, you will definitely need to add some depth to your garage as well. This is much easier to accomplish than you think, because you will only have to take the back wall off (along with the roof, of course!).

A cement contractor will have to put down an extension of your garage floor on the back end, and then the contractor can add extensions to the side walls while adding a second story. The original side walls of your garage remain, and the front wall too, although you will have to remove the top of the garage door entrance in order to build up the height.