Why You Shouldn't Ignore Dents In Your Garage Door

All sorts of things can cause dents in your garage door. A tree limb or a piece of hail could have struck it and left its mark, or a playful kid could have thrown a baseball a little too hard. You might have even had a mishap with your bicycle or your car. Regardless of why the dents are there, however, you should not ignore them. In fact, seemingly small and not-so-serious dents can still cause problems, so it's critical to talk with a garage door repair professional, like A AAA Allstate Door Company, about how to quickly repair the door. Take a look at why the dents need to be repaired ASAP:

They Could Hinder the Operation of Your Garage Door

First of all, you should know that the track and moving parts on your garage door are made to suit it just as it came. Usually, dents mean that not only the garage door was hit, but that its position was also dislodged by the blow. Even smaller dents can get in the way of your garage door moving freely up and down the track, and more serious dents could cause even bigger problems. The dent could cause your garage door to eventually become stuck in the track. It could even be dangerous, since a garage door that is stuck could fall too quickly once it works itself through the track.

Rust Could Appear Near the Dent

The imperfection on your garage door could also cause rust. Not only is it unsightly right now, but the dent has probably caused the paint on your garage door to chip. Even if the chip isn't too obvious right now, it's probably only going to get worse as time goes on. The paint on the outside of a garage door is there for more than just aesthetics; it's also good for protecting your garage door from the elements. Even if you add more paint to your garage door, it's likely to chip at the site of the dent due to the uneven surface. Once the dent is repaired, however, you can add a new coat of paint to prevent rust.

As you can see, dents on your garage door shouldn't just be ignored. Even if they don't seem serious, they are more than just an eyesore. Luckily, a good garage door repair professional should be able to pop these dents out for you so that you can avoid these issues.