Garage Door Repairs You Might Need To Complete This Fall As The Leaves Fall

The arrival of fall can bring with it falling leaves and that can create a pretty picture in many parts of the woods, but a bunch of dead leaves is exactly what you do not want to see inside your garage door tracks. Too much debris in the tracks can cause issues with your garage door. If you've recently encountered an issue like this and think you might be in need of professional garage door repair, here are some tips that might help you solve the problem.

A Door That Shakes, Slows, or Makes Noise As It Moves Might Need the Tracks Cleaned Out

The modern garage door is more than capable of handling a little bit of debris at the bottom of the tracks without issue, but as more leaves blow into your garage every time you open it, this could eventually become a bigger problem. If you notice the door starting to shake as it goes over a certain area of the tracks, check that spot for a build-up of debris. Clean the tracks out completely with a brush of some kind. Even an old toothbrush might do the trick and help you get down to the bottom of the tracks. Run the door again and see if the problem is fixed.

Add More Lubrication to the Tracks or Rollers

If the door still seems a little "jerky" as it moves along the tracks, consider adding some lubrication to try and fix the problem. WD-40 or another popular lubricant will help the rollers more smoothly glide along the tracks and push past any debris that works its way back in during the days to come. While you are lubricating, don't forget to touch up the hinges, pulleys, and any other moving parts. Even the garage door springs could benefit from a little lubrication or oil as it could help keep rust at bay.

Check the Door Balance and Call a Professional for Spring Replacement If Needed

If you've been making your garage door, and specifically, the springs, work harder than they should have to due to clogged tracks, you may have thrown off your garage door's balance. An easy way to check this is to manually close the door to about halfway, to just about the point where it would start moving down instead of across. A well-balanced door should remain at that point when you let go. If the door lets gravity start bringing it down after you let go, the springs may be worn and you should get a contractor to take a look for repair or replacement.

For more information about garage door repair, contact a local company.