Repairing Your Malfunctioning Garage Door

Unfortunately, problems with your garage door can be both highly disruptive and difficult to repair without professional help. While a garage door system can be immensely complicated, there are a handful of repairs that are especially common. 

Damage To The Door Panels

Damage to the panels of the garage door can be an especially common issue for this part of a home to experience. Minor impacts from a vehicle or other objects striking the garage door can be enough to leave dents in it. In addition to the dents degrading the appearance of the garage door, they can also reduce the ability of the garage door to open and close. This is due to the dents being able to warp the door panel. In most instances, replacing the panel will be necessary to repair the damage and restore the garage door's functionalities.

Issues With Cables

Your garage door will require a series of cables to help raise and lower the door. Unfortunately, it is possible for these cables to become damaged in a way that will stop them from meeting your basic needs. For example, it can be possible for these cables to warp enough to no longer be able to fully raise the door. In extreme cases of damage, these cables may actually snap. If this were to occur, the garage door opener may completely lose the ability to raise the door. Replacing these cables can be a relatively affordable repair for your garage door system, but it will require the system to be properly balanced after this work is done.

Worn Or Warped Rollers

A series of rollers will allow the garage door to move along the tracking. Individuals may not give much thought to these rollers, but they serve an important role in the system. If these rollers were to become warped, they could no longer function correctly, and this could lead to the door potentially becoming jammed. In addition to the risk of the door jamming, these rollers may also cause the garage door to vibrate as it is being raised and lowered. If you begin to notice that one or more of your rollers have become warped, replacing it should be a priority repair. Otherwise, the compromised roller could put enough strain on the other rollers to make them far more likely to become warped as well. As a result, this is a problem that has the potential to rapidly worsen until the garage door can no longer move along the tracks.

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